Corporate & Department Planning

Ideal for aligning the whole enterprise by cascading strategic priorities to annual departmental plans and individual actions. Software and expertise make it happen.



1 week

Audit your current strategic plan and develop a customized approach to complete your plan and move into execution.


2 weeks

Design a plan that is truly strategic. Improve your plan to ensure it is growth oriented and is set up for effective execution.


4-5 weeks

Build an Annual Corporate Plan, align Department Plans for managers, and cascade action items to every team member.



Set up the execution process. Train all your teams. Hold monthly reviews with your custom dashboard.

Our Corporate & Department Planning Solution helps strategy leaders complete a strategic plan and move it into execution, so that everyone is coordinated and executing against the plan. Our strategic planning consultants will work with your planning team via virtual sessions to complete the following:


Audit your current strategic plan

If you already have a plan, our experts will work with you to ensure it’s truly strategic and executable. If you don’t have a plan, we’ll help you build one based on industry best-practices. Learn more.

Identify strategic issues

Identify the 2-3 key issues your organization is trying to fix, accomplish, or avoid through the strategic planning process.

Custom configuration for your organization & department teams

We will customize your terms, set up users, and structure your plan within the OnStrategy Platform so it’s built just for you.

Want to go deeper?
Tap into our Research & Insights Team to:

• Analyze the external environment: Develop a targeted external analysis addressing industry, competitive and market trends.

• Segment customers for growth: Define your customer segments and the specific actions required to sustain growth.

• Analyze the internal environment: Build out your strengths and weaknesses or start by taking our Strategic Performance Index survey (included on the base solution).


Refine your mission & values

Build consensus among management and staff as to why your organization really exists and how will you behave as an organization.

Design the strategic direction

Establish what success looks like in the future and the critical success factors to get there.

Uncover competitive advantages

Identify and communicate your organization’s competitive advantages to build a strategy based on your unique strengths and value proposition.

Establish a simple strategic framework and winning growth strategies

Establish clear growth and competitive strategies to articulate your playing field and winning approaches to growth.


Refine a roadmap and annual corporate goals

Cascade your S.M.A.R.T. organizational goals throughout your organization with assigned ownership and accountability that mirrors your organizational structure. Check out the platform.

Build annual Department Plans that align to the Corporate Plan

Through team training and use of the OnStrategy Platform, department managers will develop annual goals aligned to the corporate goals – creating custom annual Department Plans for every functional area.

Cascade to individual action plans

From the Department Plans, team members will develop their personal priorities or action items. Access in a few simple clicks via individual action plan reports and OnStrategy Mobile.

Setup corporate & department KPI Scorecards

Set up the performance management of the corporate strategy and department goals with your key performance indicators.

Dynamic One-Page Strategic Plan

Communicate your strategic plan simply & easily with an executive-level, one-page summary. Check out the One-Page Plan.

Automated reporting and presentations

Automated reports and strategy review presentations at the organizational, departmental level, and individual team member level.


Set an implementation calendar

Establish the weekly or monthly cadence of accountability to check in on progress against the plan by embedding it into your current meeting structure or set up a new one.

Train your management team and department teams

Customized, virtual training supports the platform and processes to ensure a successful rollout, adoption, and utilization by all.

Track performance on-the-go with OnStrategy Mobile

Simple, streamlined progress reporting so your team can manage their performance in just a few seconds. Check out the mobile app.

Transform Strategic Reviews with the Visual Performance Dashboard

The Visual Performance Dashboard provides real-time monitoring of performance indicators at every level of your organization. Easily manage a strategic plan by knowing the status of your goals. Are they on track, achieved, deferred, or past due? Check out the dashboard.

Automate management data with API Connections

Use our API to build automated data feeds into OnStrategy software for a single view of corporate performance.

Benchmark your strategic performance

The OnStrategy Score provides an index of your organization’s strategic performance based on goal level and status of your active goals and action items.

Benefits of Corporate & Department Planning

Engage the whole organization

From the C-suite to the front line engage your entire organization in managing execution.

Drive alignment and accountability

Align the whole enterprise by cascading the strategic priorities to annual departmental plans and individual action plans.

Establish consistency and standards

Build out your organization’s strategic plan and operational department plans at the same time.

Get coordinated – at the top and within departments

Turn performance into a management practice at both the corporate and departmental level.

Start executing quickly

Our strategic planning consultants provide hands-on expertise to ensure corporate and departmental planning are aligned and software is configured to ensure effective management.

Start Your Free, 14-Day Evaluation Today

During your 14-day evaluation, you will:

Evaluate Our Software

We’ll help you determine if the software is the right fit for your organization.

Meet Our Experts

Learn about our methodology and meet our team of expert strategists.

Assess Your Plan

Your strategy expert will assess your plan to see if it’s implementation-ready.

Ongoing Monthly Support

Make a living, breathing process using Advisory Services to design and execute your plan.

Strategic Planning Sessions

Build a plan and update it
as change occurs.

Monthly Performance Management

Review budget and KPI performance and dial-in execution challenges.

Quarterly Strategy Reviews

Deep dive into critical issues to brainstorm and problem solve.

“Creating a plan in one thing, executing it is another. We were able to execute and it made a difference in the lives of our Scouts.”

Gary Butler, Boy Scouts of America CSO

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