Execute the Plan

Put a process, tool, and dedicated expert in place to engage your entire organization to execute the plan and achieve your vision of success.


Built for organizations who need to manage & execute an existing strategic plan.

Create a culture to support strategic growth with a proven process & award-winning software platform.

Drive organization-wide adoption

Drive organization-wide adoption by rolling out the plan and empowering your organization to manage ongoing execution. During the first 30 days, you’ll work with your OnStrategy expert strategist to:

  • Communicate and roll out your plan and vision across your organization
  • Receive access to your uploaded plan within the OnStrategy platform
  • Receive customized training to integrate the OnStrategy platform into your organization’s toolset for execution

Implement a proven execution process

Work with your expert strategist to implement a proven execution process and calendar that integrates with your organization’s operations. In the second 30 days, we will:

  • Develop an implementation calendar to fit your organization’s current cadence and meeting structure
  • Develop a standard structure for your strategy review meetings
  • Train your department teams to think strategically and understand how they contribute to the achievement of your vision

Execute the plan & review progress

Keep strategy at the heart of your organization’s culture by keeping it front-and-center. During the ongoing execution and plan management process, you will:

  • Hold regular strategy review meetings
  • See the leading and lagging performance indicators driving the achievement of your plan
  • Learn how to adapt your plan to meet the needs of your market, customers, or team
  • Identify where the organization-wide focus should be between each strategy review

Let’s connect to see how we can empower your organization to execute.


  • Vision: Inspiring change to the Environmental Crisis

    The most enjoyable part of business is breaking the rules and making it work.
    ~Yvon Chouinard

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  • Vision: Creating the Next Generation of Leaders

    Keeping a 100 year old organization relevant and vibrant well into the next century required adopting a fundamentally different view of how we understand our customers. ~ G. Butler, COO

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  • Vision: Being the Industry Standard

    Success is staying at least two steps ahead of your competition,
    even when they’re ten times your size. ~ E. Barry, CEO

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  • Vision: Be the Leaders Locally, Regionally, Nationally

    Shifting from downsizing due to economic decline to revving up for an upswing in a Tesla “Giga Second” required Washoe County to adapt to swiftly changing market conditions.

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