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execution workshop

Roll out your strategic plan. Faster, better, stronger

Our Team Training trains each functional level on how to use the strategic plan in their daily work.

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execution workshop


  • Our Team Training is perfect for organizations that are transitioning from developing a strategic plan, to using the plan as a management tool that guides daily decision making.
  • In meetings and custom webinars our expert strategists will help onboard and train each functional level of your organization on how to execute your strategy.
  • We help managers and team members understand their role at each phase of the strategic plan management and execution process.

What’s included

  • Discovery Call: A dedicated strategy advisor will call you to discuss your current “rhythm of business” and align the execution process with this cycle.
  • Training Webinar for Managers & Team Members: We’ll present two role-based video-conference webinars teaching best practices and a complete system overview specialized for managers and team members.
  • Sample Planning Schedule: Know when you should measure progress, evaluate and adjust your strategy with strategy review meetings.


  • Roll out strategy faster: Ensure your organization knows how to use OnStrategy to execute strategy.
  • Onboard team effectively: Share with your team how the system fits in with the business process and how their workflow will impact the organization’s plan and ultimate success.
  • Execute better: Learn the best practices of strategic management as a business practice.
“It has been my pleasure to have attended your training course on Strategic Corporate Planning and I wish to thank you for the wonderful way in which you have conducted the training sessions. The time I have spent with you is worthwhile and I will certainly apply all the information to further improve the performance in our company.”
~ Mahdi Y. Alramadan. Chairman, Alyaseen Agri. Co. Ltd, Saudi Arabia
alyaseen agri

Frequently asked questions

Do I need an OnStrategy account?
Yes. All service packages are designed to work with our strategic planning tool.


Who will I work with?
You’ll work with an expert strategic planner from OnStrategy. Read more about us.
Does this include uploading an existing plan?
No. We have another strategic planning service if you already have a strategic plan. See the Plan Setup for more details.


How long does it take?
Approximately two weeks from initiation to scheduled trainings.
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