What Separates Leadership Teams?

By Jeff Brunings

What Separates Leadership Teams?

Strategy is part of a leadership team’s job. It isn’t optional. And a key characteristic of great leadership is strategic management.
In our experience working alongside leadership teams in virtually every industry, we’ve found it isn’t necessarily what these leadership teams do, it’s how they do it.

Organizations successful in leadership and strategy recognize it isn’t just the job of the CEO. While the CEO is instrumental in fostering a culture of managing strategically, it’s a collective practice extending outward to the management team and downward to mid-level and supervisory management.

So, what sets leadership teams apart?

Here are five leadership characteristics required for successful strategy and execution.

  1. Leadership practices throughout the organization reflect competency, honesty and inspiration.
  2. Leaders model the desired behavior, allowing people to adopt, internalize and replicate it.
  3. Wins are promoted from the rooftop. Wins, even small ones, speak volumes to the credibility and sustainability of achieving a vision.
  4. Closing the gap between strategy and execution requires agility in decision-making.
  5. Inspiring ownership and accountability isn’t a mandate. It’s ignited by emotion. A powerful leadership characteristic is the ability to exercise the heart.

The more a leadership team practices these characteristics the more organizational teams are engaged and willing to invest energy in making a difference. It’s reflected in the quality of execution, a focus on excellence and the empowerment of individual contribution toward achieving a collective vision.

StrategyCheck. What characteristics does your leadership team have?

Jeff Brunings

With over 20 years management experience in multi-industry environments, Jeff drives customer experience by advancing the effectiveness of OnStrategy’s cloud-based platform and services.


One Comment

  1. steve ayuba
    Jun 19, 2014 @ 22:20:56

    thank you for all the rich and highly insightful leads on strategy and leadership. I basically draw bulk of my inspiration from the articles posted by On Strategy.

    the 5 characteristics of leadership requirements for successful strategy and execution resonates very well with my organization and I sincerely look forward to deeper collaboration with On Strategy for developing the necessary organizational capacity and culture of strategy and performance measurement in my establishment.




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