What Chocolate Can Teach Us About Strategic Planning

By Shannon Sage


Although strategic planning in business seems best, not all things are planned. Sometimes things just fall into place, like as in the case of these female “accidental-entrepreneurs” below. Their careers took a 180-degree turn when the world of chocolate entered in.

These women had enough of the harsh, male-dominated world of the restaurant business and decided to make a name for themselves. New found entrepreneurs Jen King and Liz Gutman describe their success in the chocolate business as,”We didn’t have a plan. It just snowballed from this might be fun to do, to now this is our job.”

The article below, brought to you by the American Express Idea Hub, describes how these female entrepreneurs broke the chocolate mold to become successful entrepreneurs today. We would love to hear your stories of stumbling into a great, innovative business too, with or without a plan!

Sweet Treats: 3 Women Entrepreneurs Discuss Money and Chocolate




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