Warning Signs That You Need A Strategic Plan

By Shannon Sage

Warning Signs That You Need A Strategic Plan

Planning for the future is important but very few businesses actually do it. Instead of listing the benefits of business planning and strategic planning, the following list of warning signs can tell you that you need a new strategy for your strategic planning process:

  1. Someone asks where your business will be in one year, and you don’t have an answer. You ask your partners or management team the same question, and you hear wildly different answers.
  2. You have some idea where you want to go in the next year, but you don’t have any idea what you’re going to do to make next year a reality.
  3. Your company won’t hit its revenue goals this year. Although there can be many reasons for the shortfall, you’re not sure how to grow the top line.
  4. Everything on your to-do list is a priority. You don’t know where your time is best spent.
  5. You don’t know why your customers buy from you. The majority continues to do business with your company, but you’re not sure what keeps them coming back. You’ve never really asked.
  6. You complain when your customers call because you just don’t have time to talk to them. And you notice your staff complaining too.
  7. You determine your pricing by looking at your competitor’s prices and discounting slightly. All your prices are based on your competitors’ offering.
  8. You’re asked why you’re in business, and your only response is profit.

Do any of these statements sound familiar? If so, it’s time to get serious about your business and get focused. Having a strategic plan and a succinct strategy brings clarity and focus to your organization. It ensures that your time, resources, and actions aren’t wasted. If every part of your organization isn’t pointed in the same direction, you can end up going in circle and frustrating yourself and your employees. Why not get strategic now and make it your most successful year ever?




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