Updated Track My Progress FAQ’s

By Todd Ballowe

Updated Track My Progress FAQ’s

Stoplight logic for Goals, Actions and KPIs and applies to Track My Progress, Reports, and Gantt Chart

    • Gray Light:
      • The start date has not been reached
      • User chose “deferred” or “waiting on someone” for status
    • Yellow Light:
      • Start date has passed, but not the end date.
      • User has not chosen another status for the goals: i.e. “achieved”, “in progress”, “deferred”, or waiting on someone”
      • User has chosen “Not on target” as the status
    • Green Light:
      • User has chosen “in progress” for the status
    • Green with Checkmark:
      • User has chosen “achieved” for the status
    • Red Light:
      • End date has passed and the user has not chosen either “achieved”, “deferred”, or “waiting on someone” as the status.
      • User has chosen “Critical/Late” for the status

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