Strategic Planning Process

How Much Time Should it Take to Develop a Strategic Plan? (4 mins)

We are often asked how long it takes to develop a strategic plan. While the time frame can vary based on the size of your company and the particular dynamics of... By Todd Ballowe

Tips on How to Create a Successful Strategic Plan

In order to really understand how to create a strategy that is successful, we need to understand the reasons why some strategic plans fail.  We can also use these reasons below... By Shannon Sage

Creating a Strategic Plan: Selecting KPIs

This guide on selecting KPIs is part of the strategic planning process. Are you done (or close to) creating your goals? It's time to select which ones will be your Key... By Todd Ballowe

Six Strategic Vision Validators to Lead Organizations

Trying to fold a strategic vision into the way people work can be a challenge. Finding ways to help everyone "see" the vision is what grants some organizations the mastery to... By Shannon Sage

Strategize For Growth

All businesses are trying to grow, but it's the strategy and the foundation supporting them that often determines who manages to be successful. Start planning for growth. Download "Chapter 11: Strategizing... By Shannon Sage

Strategic Planning Process: Evaluate Your Strategic Plan

Once you have your strategic plan all together in one place, the next phase of the process is to step back and evaluate. Did you create the strategy you intended to create?... By Shannon Sage

Assembling Your Strategic Plan & the Planning Process

Assembling your strategic plan is an important part of the entire strategic planning process.  Having your strategic plan assemble in the correct order can help give clarity and direction to it. ... By Ryan Olsen

Strategic Planning 101 (60 mins)

What is the difference between mission and vision? Do goals or objectives come first? Who should be involved in developing my plan and how long should it take? By Todd Ballowe

Key Elements on How to Write a Strategic Plan

Some organizations get stumped during the beginning steps of how to write a strategic plan.  Strategic planning can definitely seem daunting with all the guides, recommendations, books, and consultants out there... By Shannon Sage

Creating a Strategic Plan – What, Why, How

Creating a strategic plan is critical to a business's long-term sustainability. Unfortunately, there are too many organizations out there without a strategic plan. In this comprehensive article we'll discuss precisely what... By Shannon Sage

Celebrating Ten Years of Strategic Success & One Big Award

This year marks OnStrategy's 10-year anniversary for the launch of OnStrategy. To top off this milestone, we were recognized as "Software Company of the Year" by the Nevada Center for Entrepreneurship... By Todd Ballowe

Example of Strategy in Action: NCQA Ensures Quality Makes a Difference for All

As we move through 2013, we will be regularly sharing examples of organizations that are making strategy work. This installment shines a spotlight on the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA),... By Todd Ballowe

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