To Give Is To Celebrate

By Jeff Brunings

To Give Is To Celebrate

This is the season for giving. And every year, it’s a time all of us at OnStrategy reflect on those things we have, those things we don’t, and those who need it more than we do. Throughout the world organizations are giving back to those in need, whether it’s clothing, shelter, or even water.

This holiday season OnStrategy recognizes the hard work and dedication of the following charitable organizations. These are just a few of the organizations that OnStrategy has supported with contributions during the past year:

Samaritan’s Purse: As unrest continues in Syria, more than 6 million people find themselves displaced. Another 2 million-plus refugees struggle to survive in neighboring countries. OnStrategy is supporting Samaritan’s Purse in meeting desperate needs by providing food relief, medicine, diapers, shoes, mattresses, and even kerosene heaters to families living in tents.

Reno SkyTavern Junior Ski/Bike Program: This program is the oldest all volunteer-run snow sports program dedicated to teaching Northern Nevada children how to ski, snowboard, and now mountain bike. It is an old fashion co-op that experiences success through community participation.

Bali Appropriate Technology Institute (BATI):  BATI  empowers the poor to transform their world. The goal at BATI is to teach villagers and NGO Trainers how to build very simple technology in order to provide water and sanitation needs in the Third World country.

Water for LIFE: Water for LIFE is dedicated to drilling, establishing and renewing water wells to make access to clean water readily available to the poor. Our donation on your behalf is helping to reach more than 12 nations and 500 more wells this year!

International School Project (ISP): International School Project trains teachers in a curriculum in ethics and morals to use with their students. The donation provides resource materials for the teacher-training seminars that are held in remote villages in Guatemala.

Nevada Diabetes Association (NDA): The Mission of the Nevada Diabetes Association is to improve the lives of children and adults affected by diabetes through prevention, education and service. The goal of the NDA is to provide programming for children and adults that will help them avoid complications that this disease causes.

Jeff Brunings

With over 20 years management experience in multi-industry environments, Jeff drives customer experience by advancing the effectiveness of OnStrategy’s cloud-based platform and services.




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