The Makings of a Winning Team

By Erica Olsen

The Makings of a Winning Team

Do you running a business or manage a department that exemplifies the traits of a winning team? Below is a list of strategic tools and traits that you can evaluate your team against.

  • Works to serve and keep customers happy
  • Gives more than is expected
  • Remains flexible and adapts to change
  • Respects its members
  • Continually fine tunes a quality environment
  • Believes in communication and listening
  • Accepts learning as an ongoing process
  • Helps each other to grow and succeed
  • Is proud of what they do, who they are, and the company they represent
  • Is open to new ways of doing things
  • Is enthusiastic, optimistic, and persistent
  • Celebrates success
Missing some of these traits? Why not build some of these traits and actions into your organization in 2007? Take some specific action in your strategic plan to develop a winning team.

Do you have some traits to add? Let’s hear them!




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