Keeping Momentum After Your Strategy Retreat

By Erica Olsen

Keeping Momentum After Your Strategy Retreat

Finishing up this first week of February marks a time when most companies are just tying up their corporate retreats and strategic planning for the upcoming years.   These last few weeks on Twitter it seems as if everyone is coming or going from their organization’s retreat where they have mapped out their company’s strategic plan.  However, it is apparent that there is a gap between the retreat and the actual execution of the strategic plan.  So, what exactly can your organization do to keep their planning momentum going after their retreat?

Strategic Planning expert, Erica Olsen, tackled this issue in last month’s Strategy Huddle.

How Do We Lose Momentum?

  • No progress
  • Not relevant
  • No WIIFM (what’s in it for me?)
  • Canceling meetings
  • Feels like busy work

How To Keep Your Momentum:

  • Someone needs to own the process of strategic management in the organization
  • Need specific tasks & deliverables
  • Schedule you strategic update meeting right away (Making it from the retreat to the first update is where most people get lost)
  • Energy & focus
  • Need to motivate & inspire

Taking some of these thoughts/recommendations will help your organization execute your strategy and keep the planning momentum going after your retreat.

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