Developing Your Strategy

Will Success in 2013 Mean Getting Cozy with Competitors as a Market Strategy?

This week, Ford Motor Company announced that it will be offering its in-car app development system to any other automaker or app development firm that wants it. No cost, no restrictions.... By Todd Ballowe

Strategy Check: What is Organizational Health?

In Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Advantage, an organization that is eyeing to capitalize on its success embodies two basic qualities: it has to be smart, and it has to be healthy.... By Shannon Sage

How to Identify Strategic Issues (4 mins)

Learn how to identify and resolve your strategic issues. Address those critical unknowns that can present themselves as problems, opportunities, market shifts or any other factors that have impact on the... By Shannon Sage

Ready to Define (or Refine) Your Mission Statement

As business leaders, we are put under a lot of undue stress to generate a perfect, short, sing-songy mission statement. The result is meaningless drivel, leaving everyone irritated and underwhelmed. Let's... By Todd Ballowe

Agility is a Competitive Advantage

Is agile on your list of competitive advantages? Can your business react and change its game plan based on either customer feedback or shifts in market, all while keeping that end... By Shannon Sage

Sales Strategy & How it Fits into Your Strategic Plan (59 mins)

Are you trying to increase sales? Do you have a sales strategy in place? Are you developing your sales staff to help them achieve their goals? By Todd Ballowe

Competitive Advantage: What’s your Distinct Purpose?

Your organization exists for a very specific reason, and most likely its purpose is different than any other company out there. This is your competitive advantage, or distinct purpose.
By Shannon Sage

Identifying Organization-Wide Strategies (6 mins)

Identify how you are going to compete in your market. What’s your strategy? Will it be through customer intimacy, product or service leadership, or lowest total cost? Identify your strengths and... By Shannon Sage

Competitive Advantages for a Nonprofit (4 mins)

Yes, even nonprofits have competitive advantages. Identify what your organization does better than other organizations by using this matrix, so you can more effectively compete in gaining resources. By Shannon Sage

A Man. A Van. A Strategic Business Plan.

We came across this article on NPR and had to share it with all of you as a great strategic business plan that provides a little inspiration to the New Year! By Connie Armstrong

Understanding the difference between Strategic Plan & Business Plan

It is not uncommon that the term strategic plan and business plan get confused in the business world. Before beginning your strategy implementation, take a look at the difference between the... By Nancy Olsen

Mission Statement

Mission statement - this is your core purpose, the underlying “why” you are climbing the mountain, why you are in business. A mission statement is a declaration of your organization’s purpose... By Shannon Sage

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