Developing Your Strategy

Make Strategy an Adventure and Avoid the Comfort Trap

Strategy can easily become a comfort trap according to this month’s issue of the Harvard Business Review. If a strategy feels comfortable, it's probably not very good. By Todd Ballowe

Scenario Planning: Don’t Forget Smaller What-Ifs While Developing Strategy

Last time in this space we started discussing scenario planning by talking about preparing for the "big what ifs" or the driving forces that generally exhibit as 1) social dynamics, 2)... By Erica Olsen

Is Your Strategy Strategic?

Many people get confused by the terms Strategy, Strategic Plan and Strategic Planning.  We’ll set the record straight today, taking a page out of our own book. Let’s start off by... By Todd Ballowe

Put the Strategy Back into Your Strategic Plan

Think back to your most recent strategic plan.  Is it made up of platitudes such as, “provide great customer service,” “improve efficiency,” or “increase sales?”  While there is nothing wrong with... By Todd Ballowe

A New Mindset: Strategic Planning for Customers

From time to time, clients from around the globe seek out strategic planning services from the OnStrategy team. This month we found ourselves in South Africa—of all amazing places! The country... By Todd Ballowe

Tips to Keep in Mind When Developing a Strategic Plan

Any organization can sit down and create a "plan", but it is those special organizations that can take that plan and implement it- making it a living, breathing plan.  Every planning... By Shannon Sage

Renew a Commitment to Market Growth, Strategically

There are four things to leverage when looking to strategically grow an organization. Before we get too hasty though, it's worth checking your foundation before attempting to build on it.
By Todd Ballowe

Developing Organizational Strategies

Part of the strategic planning process is developing organization wide strategies. These strategies express how you will compete in your market.
By Todd Ballowe

Competitive Advantage: Knowing Your Strengths

Assuming you have completed your SWOT, it's now time to put it to work and develop your competitive advantages. Let's start with the strengths quadrant. This is the basis for digging... By Todd Ballowe

The Vision Statement: Where You Will Be in 5 Years

A vision statement is a declaration of where you are headed – your future state. In writing your vision statement, formulate a picture of what your organization's future makeup will be... By Todd Ballowe

Will Success in 2013 Mean Getting Cozy with Competitors as a Market Strategy?

This week, Ford Motor Company announced that it will be offering its in-car app development system to any other automaker or app development firm that wants it. No cost, no restrictions.... By Todd Ballowe

Strategy Check: What is Organizational Health?

In Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Advantage, an organization that is eyeing to capitalize on its success embodies two basic qualities: it has to be smart, and it has to be healthy.... By Shannon Sage

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