Developing Your Strategy

Updating your vision statement and vivid description

Updating or creating a new vision statement can be one of the most exciting parts of strategic planning. Creating your vision statement can be achieved in a fashion similar to that... By Erica Olsen

AOL’s Competitive Advantage: Make it Personal

Remember back in the early 1990's when Internet Service Providers (ISPs) were springing up everywhere? If you bought a computer from a major manufacturer in those early days of Windows, odds... By Erica Olsen

What can we learn from Toyota?

We're all familiar with the Boy Scout motto of "Be Prepared", but have you considered applying this phrase in your professional life? The most successful companies out there know the value... By Erica Olsen

The 30-second Competitive Advantage Challenge

Here's a 30-second test to determine if you know your competitive advantage. A test already? I know; you feel like you're in school again, don't you?
By Erica Olsen

Articulating Your Mission and Vision

Earlier I shared that successful strategic planning is a continuous process – something that you need to make a habit. Now, I’d like to also propose that the process isn’t linear... By Erica Olsen

Strengthen Your Mission and Vision for Profitability

Here's an experiment you can try: Walk into a company's office and find its mission statement hanging on a wall. Take note of its meanings, and then speak to any five... By Erica Olsen

Small Business Notes: How to Set Up a Strategic Alliance

An article from our friends at Small Business Notes:
By Erica Olsen

Aveda’s Powerful Mission

Whenever I see a great mission statement, I have to share it.
By Erica Olsen

Howard Olsen & Market Strategies in Brief

M3's business model stems from the shift in marketing from an almost purely creative process to an increasingly metric-driven approach - an approach that Howard Olsen, President of OnStrategy, has based... By Erica Olsen

Knowledge Companies and Their Strategies

It is in the authors opinion that an organization must understand the overall business strategy of a knowledge company. The strategy demonstrates some of the key points of a knowledge company.... By Erica Olsen

Competitive Advantages & Operational Effectiveness

Michael Porter’s article, How to marry strategy & operational effectiveness, provides the distinction between a company’s strategic mission in contrast to its operational effectiveness. When developing a strategic plan, the author... By Erica Olsen

How EDS Gained Back its Competitive Advantage

How EDS Got its Groove Back (2001), appearing in FastCompany reviews how important corporate culture and the embracing of that culture by the employees is to the profitability of a company.... By Erica Olsen

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