New Status Update Automation

Mar 30, 2017

What is Auto status?

Auto Status function allows the OnStrategy platform to pre-select the status of a goal based on its performance. Current status options include:

With the addition of this functionality, the status for On Target, Off Target, Critical, and Achieved will be automated.

Why is OnStrategy introducing this functionality?

With this feature turned on, it’s one less step you need to take when updating your goals. It also removes subjectivity from selecting a goal status – instead, it is wholly based on performance against target.

How it works

How is the Auto Status Calculated?

Status is calculated based on your current goal performance against your periodic targets. Here is the logic for how goals are updated:

    For Sum Goals:

  • Within 10% of periodic target or any amount greater than periodic target = “On Target” (Green)
  • Within 11-20% of periodic target = “Off Target” (Yellow)
  • Greater than 20% off periodic target = “Critical” (Red)
  • If the End-of-Year target is met, at any time, then the goal status will be marked as “Achieved”
  • For Current Goals:

  • Within 10% of periodic target = “On Target” (Green)
  • Within 11-20% of periodic target = “Off Target” (Yellow)
  • Greater than 20% off periodic target = “Critical” (Red)
  • “Achieved” when goal End-of-Year target is met, regardless of time
  • For Average Goals:

  • Within 10% of periodic target or any amount greater than periodic target = “On Target” (Green)
  • Within 10% of periodic target = “On Target” (Green)
  • Within 11-20% of periodic target = “Off Target” (Yellow)
  • Greater than 20% off periodic target = “Critical” (Red)
  • If the goal is at 100% or greater of End-of-Year target after the end date, then it’s achieved

How Do I Turn on Auto Status for Existing Goals?

To turn on Auto Status for existing goals, complete the following:

  1. Go to the Track Performance Page: Open the track performance page to view your goals.
  2. Identify the Goal:  Identify the goal that you would like to turn on Auto Status for.
  3. Click to Edit the Goal: From the Track Performance page, click the pencil icon to edit the goal.
  4. Open the Expanded View: Find the toggle for Auto Status.
  5. Select “Yes”: This will turn on the Auto Status feature.
  6. Make Sure You Have an EOY Target: If you don’t have an EOY Target, this functionaility will not work. If you have periodic targets already set, it will use those in your calculations.
  7. Click “Save & Continue”: This will save the setting.

Can I Turn on Auto Status for my Entire Plan?

Yes! Contact your strategy advisor or give us a call at 775-747-7407 and we can turn on this feature for all the goals within your plan!

How Do I Turn on Auto Status for New Goals?

When you add a new goal, it will automatically default to “Yes” for Auto Status. If you do not want this feature on new goals, simply open the expanded view during goal creation and move the toggle to “No”.

When Should I Select “No” for Auto Status?

If you want the ability to manually select the status of a goal during updates, you may not want to use this functionality. With this feature on, you will not be able to manually change the goal’s status.

Here are a few reasons to consider not turning this functionality on:

  • You need to select “Waiting on Someone”: The goal related to a project cannot advance until someone else completes their part.
  • You need to select “Deferred”:The goal has been delayed or postponed until a later time.
  • You have a subjective status of the goal: The goal owner disagrees with the status and can adjust to a more subjective opinion of the goal.

In any case, if a goal is manually adjusted for status, an explanation should be added in the “Comments” field in the goal.

Auto Status function can also be selected by goal or by goal stack via a toggle button in the Goal Detail.

IMPORTANT Requirements to Note

You Must Have End-of-Year Targets

The goal must have an End-of-Year Target for the status automation to work correctly. This provides a comparison for the automation to calculate against Actual to Target.

Periodic Targets

If your goal has periodic targets, the platform will use those to calculate status. You do not need to take any further action.



  1. Katie Bajema says:

    This feature is kind of buggy. I had to turn off auto-update and choose “achieved” manually from the dropdown menu in order to get the status right.

    When you click on the “on target” column under Overview, the completed goals show up in the wrong column. When you click on “achieved”, it shows all of your completed goals. But, as mentioned earlier, they’re categorized as “on target” instead of “achieved” here: Performance >> Overview >> Compare two green columns on the right.

    • Shannon Sage says:

      Hi Katie-
      We would love to walk you through this new feature. Give us a call and we can go through it: 775-747-7407.



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