Driving Board Engagement to Provide Support for Families Affected by Childhood Cancer in Reno, NV

By Heyden Enochson


Strategy isn’t always about hitting sales targets or other KPIs.

Sometimes, it’s about saving lives.

In any organization, success hinges on understanding why you exist. But, when your organization impacts children fighting for their lives, it’s not just important; it’s absolutely vital. In the case of the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation (NNCCF), strategy is being used to drive engagement among their board members to help increase the awareness and impact of the Foundation

How? Their core mission is being used as a key driver of strategy amongst their board. By grounding the Board in the “why” behind what they do, they can identify the “how” and the “what” that needs to be prioritized at the staff level to drive growth and impact in the coming years. Here’s a quick video by Simon Sinek that demonstrates how their leveraging their mission to drive Board engagement and establish strategic direction in a way that truly matters.

Here’s a quick breakdown of their “why”, “how”, and “what”.

Why – NNCCF mission

“Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for children with cancer and their families by providing financial assistance and compassionate support programs while advocating for increased research funds and raising public awareness.”

How – NNCCF Goals

  1. To alleviate the financial burden and emotional strain that comes with the battle against childhood cancer.
  2. To enhance and expand public awareness of childhood cancer.
  3. To promote research to find a cure.
  4. To be proactive in assisting families throughout the treatment journey by connecting them with other national, regional and local resources.

What – Their plan

We won’t get into specific details, but their strategic plan details what they’re doing to achieve their goals and accomplish their mission. <We could also say that they’re meeting in early November to put the 2017 strategy into action.

We’re thankful and honored to have been a part of the NNCCF planning process. Learn how you can help at https://nvchildrenscancer.org/




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