Build a Strategic Roadmap & 90-Day Action Plan

Work with a senior strategist remotely to build a Strategic Roadmap & a 90-Action Plan to protect the health of your business.


Built for organizations that need an expert to help protecting the health of their business.

Our senior strategists will help build your Strategic Roadmap & 90-Day Action Plan in four virtual workshops in 2 weeks or less.
Here’s How:

1Determine Your Cash Runway
2Create a Clear Action Plan
3Implement & Stay Focused

Determine Your Cash Runway

With your senior strategist, you will:
  • Determine your cash reserves.
  • Prioritize expense reductions based on triggers.
  • Create different scenarios to extend your cash runway.

Develop Your 90-Day Business Continuity Action Plan

Your senior strategist will lead you through a process to:
  • Identify risk and opportunity areas.
  • Determine your organization’s trigger events and “what if” response actions.
  • Detail your next 90-days’ key activities to protect the health of your organization.
3Implement & Report

Implement Your Plan & Adapt an Agile Review Process

Your senior strategist will:
  • Establish an implementation process to manage and review progress against your continuity plan.
  • Engage your team to focus on what matters to protect your organization.
  • Access the OnStrategy app for 90 days for free to manage implementation and reporting.

We can help build your continuity plan in 2 weeks or less.

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