Expertise and Software for Strategic Planning.

Use OnStrategy for the design and execution of your strategic plan.


Expertise and Software for Strategic Planning.

Use OnStrategy for the design and execution of your strategic plan.


It’s time to put spreadsheets to bed.
Here’s why OnStrategy is better.

Starting at $100/month

Design a Plan

Spreadsheets aren’t built
on best-practices

Get structured

Use a step-by-step process to start building your plan today.

Build a picture of what success looks like

Establish your vision and a roadmap for achieving it.

Unlimited self-help resources

Includes all the tips, advice, and coaching you’ll need.

Foster ownership and accountability

Assign goals, initiatives, and actions to individuals.

Define how success will be measured

Create measurements and targets for corporate goals and initiatives.

Execute a Plan

Spreadsheets won’t keep your plan a living, breathing process

Stay coordinated and aligned

Align your strategic plan to individual action plans by providing visibility into how you’re performing.

Communicate performance

From full plan detail to a our One-Page Plan, we’ve got you covered.

Keep your team informed

Use KPI’s to track organizational performance.

Create individual action plans

Keep team members focused on the goals, initiatives, and actions they own.

Automate Strategy Review Presentations

Automate quarterly business review preparation with a dynamic PowerPoint presentation.

It’s time to put spreadsheets to bed.
Here’s why OnStrategy is better.

Starting at $650/month


Our Experts are better at solving
challenges than spreadsheets

Build a strategic plan

We’ll work alongside you and make sure your plan is ready to execute.

Focus your management team

Drive focus during the design and execution of your strategic plan.

Drive consistency

Make execution of your strategy a living, breathing process.

Stay coordinated and aligned

Create rigor and organizational discipline around keeping strategy and organizational performance front-and-center.

Establish a management practice

We’ll help setup a discipline for running effective monthly performance reviews.


Our Software does things spreadsheets simply can’t

Design and manage your strategic plan

Don’t use spreadsheets or email to manage strategy. The OnStrategy Platform makes it easy to adopt a consistent process for managing performance.

Cascade priorities to individual actions

Reduce clutter and stay on point with dynamic views and interfaces, linking each team member’s performance to the goals and initiatives they own.

Stay focused with real-time visibility

Team members stay focused on what matters most. Ownership and accountability is delegated throughout the organization.

Make strategy a living, breathing process

Adapt and evolve your organization’s strategic plan as initiatives are achieved or as new opportunities and obstacles arise.

Easy to use, deploy and adopt

Features for every level of the organization – dynamic board reports, executive dashboards and mobile action plans for staff.

Start Evaluating Today with a Free, 14-Day Trial

During your 14-day trial, you will:

Evaluate Our Software

We’ll help you determine if the software is the right fit for your organization.

Meet Our Experts

Learn about our methodology and meet our team of expert strategists.

Execute in 60 Days

Get a success plan to move your strategy into execution within 60 days.

Ongoing Monthly Support

Make a living, breathing process using Advisory Services to design and execute your plan.

Strategic Planning Sessions

Build a plan and update it
as change occurs.

Monthly Performance Management

Review budget and KPI performance and dial-in execution challenges.

Quarterly Strategy Reviews

Deep dive into critical issues to brainstorm and problem solve.

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