By Todd Ballowe
This Week in Strategic Business Planning

Here at OnStrategy we keep a close eye on the constantly evolving practice of strategic planning. That means reviewing the latest academic publications and also monitoring blogs and other popular publications. Here’s a recap of some of the blog posts focused on strategic business planning we found interesting this week:

  • 15 Ways to Position Yourself (
    This is a great article with practical tips that don’t just help you market your business, but also help you relate to people on their level, in a way they will trust.
  • What Type of Recognition do you Need? (
    We’ve spoken about employee recognition from the perspective of management, but this article asks the reader what needs they personally have.
  • Strategic Planning Calls for Peer Support and Advice (
    Peer groups are something that don’t get discussed enough. It’s great to think that you can do it all by yourself, but all of the business people I look up to have had great mentors.
  • Using the Recession to Trigger Rejuvenation (
    The current economic downturn can be a great catalyst for making decisions you put off when times were better. This article takes a positive look at opportunities to change during recessions.
  • How to Define Strategic Planning (
    Taking a page from the book, Strategic Planning for Non-Profits, this short post mentions a great definition for strategic planning- we can always use these succinct explanations of a sometimes confusing concept.
  • Why Bother with Vision and Mission (
    Over at Picture your Meeting, a graphical facilitation blog, there’s a nice reminder of the difference between Vision and Mission statements
  • The Most Important Vote You’ll Cast This Week (
    Ok this one isn’t about strategy per se, but it’s written by a guy who always has some great stuff to say and it’s supporting a worthy cause! Check it out and vote if you’re so inclined.