Strategic Planning for Dummies

A friendly, straightforward guide to business strategy

Maximum, sustainable, long-term growth is a result of planning, not accident. Strategic Planning For Dummies is for business owners and entrepreneurs who seek to build and sustain a competitive edge, set up an ongoing process for assessing markets and trends, and develop a vision for their business’s future growth. It includes guidance on establishing a vision, setting measurable objectives, and prioritizing strategies and goals. Packed with practical, proven techniques, this book shows readers how to design and implement proven strategies for sustained business growth.


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Our readers tell our story much better than we do. Here is a selection of volunteered comments from clients across all industries.

“A strategic vision is a must to become a successful business. This fun guide will help you clarify yours and develop a flight plan to reach new heights and profitability.” Howard Putnam — Former CEO of Southwest Airlines, Speaker, Author “The Winds of Turbulence”

“An invaluable guide for everyone who wants to achieve their vision of long-term success.” Chris Champagne — Systems Engineer, IGT Labs

“This guide is a must for every growing business.” Cindy Cooper — Founder, Speak Shop

“This is the best book I’ve found for comprehensive and successful planning… a must for the strategist in all of us.” Chris Cox — Owner, Amplitude

This book is about getting from Point A to Point B more effectively and efficiently and having more fun along the way. Part of that journey is the strategy and part of it is the planning, development, and execution.

Strategic planning isn’t about taking on additional work; it’s about taking all those numerous daily decisions and making them part of an integrated process. Whether you want to be more effective and efficient or you want to make more money, have a bigger community impact, or move your company from good to great, this book is for you! No more thinking that strategic planning is daunting. This book makes the process easy, straightforward, rewarding – and fun. Did I already mention that it’s fun?

Strategic Planning For Dummies brings everything business owners, executive directors, or managers need to take their organizations to the next phase of business growth. The book presents a practical set of strategic planning tools and guides you through an integrated strategic planning process. Each part contains relevant content, real-world examples, and useful worksheets. Discover how strategic planning is the key element to your growth through this no nonsense approach.

Strategic planning is a subject that has been overcomplicated by jargon, competing semantics, and consultants of the world (me included!). In reality, strategic planning is a business concept that’s useful to all businesses and organizations, no matter its size or resources. Strategic planning is incorrectly positioned as a tool only available to big businesses. With the help of a practical and realistic approach to strategic planning, Strategic Planning For Dummies help you reap the benefits of strategic planning, whether you’re a big boy or a small fish.

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Paperback: 384 pages Publisher: For Dummies (Wiley Publishing) Publication Date: November 6, 2006 Language: English ISBN: 0470037164

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